Case Studies


CEO of Fortune 1000 Enterprise Overcomes Global News Phase

When a major media agency circulated fake reports on a billion-dollar enterprise’s executive, stepped in to untie the knots and subdue outrage.


Key Points:


    The viral news of a fabricated report against a CEO of a billion-dollar enterprise experienced overwhelming damage to his business and reputation when it circulated multiple news outlets and took over the entire Google searches for the client's name. 


    Issue multiple positive contents and press releases for the clients to state his side of the story on equally reputable media outlets and websites. Promote the restructuring of the entire search landscape and gratify the audience without the need to eliminate editorials. 


    The client’s name was freed of any negative content with favorable articles pushed up on the top search results within six months and continues to do so. Our campaign’s success transpired into a new and strengthened agreement to manage the entire company’s reputation. 

CASE STUDY 2 Helps Online Hotel Booking Engine Get Through Harrowing Reviews

When a few destructive reviews on a prominent Online Hotel Booking Site whitewashed hundreds of their positive reviews, worked with them to let their positive qualities stand out. 


Key Points:


    A top-notch hotel booking website received multiple top-ranking negative reviews online that prevailed over its positive reviews. The disruptive feedback beleaguered the business and was frequently questioned by potential clients during the sales phase. 

  • STRATEGY was quick to recognize that the company’s positive assets were incorrectly positioned and were not properly impacting multiple sets of web properties. We formulated a unique strategy to elevate and influence an existing set of web properties and expanded the company’s digital footprint to better satisfy user search intent. 


    The company's top search results and its name was eventually freed of negative content within an 8-month campaign and has been continually performing well for the consecutive 12 months. 


204% increase in Organic Traffic and Removal of Manual Penalty

Three years before engaging with, a leading furniture company was confronted by a disparaging Link Farm campaign. Their rankings were severely damaged by it and resulted in multiple Manual Penalties from Google. They knew they needed to gain visibility on search results if they wanted to achieve their goal of becoming the fastest-growing company in the industry. 


Key Points:


    A reputable outdoor furniture enterprise was previously attacked by a destructive Link Farm. This resulted in severe ranking damage and multiple Manual Penalties by Google. 

  • STRATEGY was quick to investigate and analyze all backlinks directed at the client and disavowed to request link removal to detoxify it from the entire backlink profile. We then formulated a comprehensive content strategy to support local ranking in city pages through several of our proprietary methods and consulted on local city pages and local SEO.

  • RESULT successfully removed the Manual Penalty from Google. Consequently, they have also increased their organic traffic by 204% within an 11-month window and continue to do so up to this very day.

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