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CEO of Fortune 1000 Enterprise Overcomes Global News Phase


The CEO of a Fortune 5000 company came to us for help in the hopes of repairing his company reputation caused by negative content that showed up in Google. The client had 14 unfavorable listings within the first two pages of search results. Three of them being in the first 3 spots when his name was searched and was utterly destroying their business.

Reputationist was tasked to remove the negative content and establish the brand search results.

Client Results

Top 50

Reversed Google’s first three pages of search results from 14 negative results to zero


Decreased monthly Google page one clicks on negative content from 7,400 to zero


Overturned Google’s advanced search features from negative to positive

Our Actions

  • Removed Google's Auto-complete suggestion phrases such as "[CEO name] + scam", "[CEO] + ripoff report"
  • Influenced Google's Auto-complete suggestion tool for positive suggestions.

Enterprise ORM Solution removed negative listings attributed to the CEO and built a more reinforced positive online face for the CEO based on his extensive background


In order to fortify each website and highlight its positive qualities, supplied on-page technical backing through several websites featuring the CEO and wireframed the client's personal website along with the vital technical guidelines and content.  


In line with attaining a more accurate Google Knowledge Panel, paved the way in addressing violations and wrong information on community web pages that feature the CEO, following specific website guidelines. successfully changed the Google Knowledge Panel to an owned media asset with correct and positive information about the CEO displaying for his high-value keywords.


To boost the high-quality link equity to the CEO’s newly attained positive online reputation, constantly keeps a record of backlinks from publishers who mention him.


The CEO’s social profile has and continues to sit on the first page on Google with our constant enhancement of his social and digital profiles.

Business Outcomes

Our enterprise reputation management strategy succeeded in:

  • Reversing Google’s first three results pages for searches of a Fortune 1000 CEO from 14 negative listings to zero.

  • Corrected wrong data and incorporated significant information that was originally not there.

  • Brought down CTR on negative content to zero.

  • Removed all negative listings about the client on Google page one.

  • Restored the Google Knowledge Panel to contain 100% positive content.

  • Bumped down negative listings and expanded positive content visibility for the CEO’s name on Google’s advanced search features.

Our Strategy

Reputation Insights

Reputation Insights

Site Optimization

Site Optimization

Strategic Outreach

Strategic Outreach

Content Strategy

Content Strategy

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