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Online Booking Site Takes Back $12.34 Million in Losses


Reputationist was approached by an online hotel booking website that had been bombarded with several negative reviews and articles that prominently appeared when searching their brand online. The company felt that its negative search results were deceptive but were unsure how to suppress the results.

Client Results


Recuperated $12.34 million in losses


Improved Trustpilot from 37 negative reviews to 8,734 5-star reviews


Increased CTR on positive branded “review” searches by 595%


Enterprise ORM Solution concentrated on two branded terms to construct positive content on the first page of Google and remove negative search results from the first page. The range was made up of searches revolving on the brand name and brand “reviews”.

We facilitated the construction of a new, dedicated customer reviews page on their website, wireframed the page, and supplied all technical and content regulations to implement the project. also helped the company in cultivating a platform to get more reviews through several review websites and assisted them in correcting wrong information and violations on community web pages, like Wikipedia.

In effect, the company reached a more precise and viable Wikipedia entry that also brought about a more accurate Google Knowledge Panel when searching the brand's name.

Business Outcomes

Our enterprise reputation management strategy achieved the following results:

  • Recovered $12.34 million in client revenue.

  • Positioned the brand’s social media pages on Google page one.

  • Acquired positions 1 through 8 on Google page one for branded review searches.

  • Increased CTR on positive content on Google page one by 595%

  • Increased the brand's 5-star "Excellent" reviews to 8,734 from 37 negative reviews.

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